Arrived home after my recent visit to Cyprus and missing the glorious sunshine already, whilst I was swooning around Limassol the peep toes came out of hibernation. Managing to paint my twinkle toes before Cyprus was not a joyful experience as they were still in need of perfection.

You could say “I should have had a pedicure before I went” …………oh no no no because the pedicure I was waiting for is in Cyprus, of course I tend to have a pedicure here in the UK but this pedicure is worth waiting for as it rocks!

In Limassol not far from the sea front is a little shop sitting in between some suburban streets, the shop is small and cute with white interior and a spiral metal staircase that takes you upstairs where the miracle happens.

Nana is the owner and her pedicures are exceptional her precision is second to none, she uses safe but special tools to create that diamond look, the soles of my feet and toes felt amazing. I decided to have Shellac in a beautiful peach colour perfect with a summer tan. So now I oozed sexy feet, they were definitely beach ready and they were not to be covered up!

So ladies if your ever in Limassol look up Nana on +357 99463642 , shellac pedicures are priced at 40euros.